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Hydroclave Technology

Innovative medical infectious waste sterilization machines

Hydroclave Systems Corp. is a prominent company in the medical waste treatment industry, developing equipment that provides a complete solution to the problem of uncontrolled waste disposal, while protecting the environment and public health.

Hydroclave System Corp.

Hydroclave Systems is a worldwide leader in manufacturing medical waste processing units and constructing infectious waste treatment facilities.

The pioneering systems it has developed, certified and approved by the most recognized and authorized bodies and organizations globally, contribute dynamically in healthcare services, especially in equipment engineering and facilities constructing.


Hydroclave systems operating successfully all over the world until 2010


units operating daily at Hydroclave facilities worldwide until 2010


Hydroclave System Corp. is founded in Canada


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Functionality and economy

Hydroclave systems brings the patented and innovative technology into medical waste treatment, achieving the highest waste sterility at an incredibly low operating cost.

Benefits of the Hydroclave Method

All over the world, either in small indoor facilities or larger public facilities, the users have acknowledged the advantages of the Hydroclave method:

  • Total waste sterilization of 6 log10
  • Treatment of all infectious waste, with a company guarantee for the sterilization of liquid waste
  • Complete waste dehydration, even for liquid waste
  • Largest reduction in weight and volume
  • No harmful air emissions
  • Low operative cost
  • Technology that is friendly to the environment

Sterilization Unit

In 2008 our company completed the construction of a modern facility for managing infectious waste, aiming at offering high quality services for the collection, transport, processing and final disposal of highly infectious waste from the Hospitals of Greece. Our company also has all the necessary licenses to treat waste at its facilities as well as transporting waste, since it has its own private fleet of vehicles for collection and transport of all infectious and toxic waste.