Hydroclave Technology

The Hydroclave system is a double-walled cylindrical pressurized vessel where a powerful motor system of fragmenting and mixing has been fitted. The system fragments and crushes the waste, while high temperature steam is introduced inside the double vessel jacket as well as inside the vessel. At the same time, there is continuous mixing of the fragmented waste and the contents of the vessel come in contact with both the high temperature of the double wall and the high temperature of the steam inside the vessel. The result is that all materials are equally exposed to the sterilization process, including sharp objects and liquid waste. After the completion of the treatment cycle, the Hydroclave has achieved the following: total waste sterilization, no harmful air emissions and total dehydration of the final materials. Hydroclave is the only company in the world that can offer a guarantee for the sterilization of liquids, while its pioneering technology has an environment friendly operation, using the less possible water and electrical energy.


The Hydroclave system was registered and patented as a technological innovation


The operation temperature of Hydroclave

6log 10

The degree of inactivation of the spores of bacillus stearothermophilus achieved during infectious waste sterilization