The Company


ECOSTER SA is situated in Athens, having as a main goal to provide high standards products and services, in order to contribute dynamically into infectious waste management industry in Greece and the rest of Europe.

Experience and responsibility

ECOSTER SA brought in Greece the experience and the know-how of the Canadian corporation in order to provide a modern, ecological and affordable method to infectious waste management. ECOSTER SA, situated in Athens, is a leader in the management of infectious waste with a high sense of responsibility, an environment friendly consciousness and total awareness of its important mission.

Facilities and services

The completely automated private facility for the sterilization of infectious hospital waste is situated in Larissa’s Industrial Zone. With advanced technology hydroclave sterilizers, specialized and exceptionally trained staff, the facility can provide effective and total solutions to waste management. The services to hospitals include collection, transportation, sterilization and final disposal at local landfills. ECOSTER SA has all the necessary licenses and certificates to provide such services.

The company, as the official and exclusive Hydroclave Systems Corporation representative, can:

  • Provide Hydroclave technology products
  • Design entirely a new facility for sterilizing medical infectious waste
  • Train the necessary staff
  • Operate units for infectious waste management

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