Ways of Cooperation

Services for infectious waste management

ECOSTER SA operates reliably the facility in Larisa with a high sense of responsibility and an environment friendly consciousness.
With advanced technology hydroclave sterilizers, specialized and exceptionally trained staff, the facility can provide low cost yet high-quality services for the collection, transport, treatment and final disposal of infectious medical waste, adjusting the services according to the facts and needs of each hospital, to reach the best solution.
Our company has all the necessary licenses for the operation of its facility and the transportation of waste, while it owns a private fleet of vehicles for the collection and transport of infectious and toxic medical waste.

System purchase

ECOSTER SA, by assessing the needs of the hospital unit, will suggest the most appropriate HYDROCLAVE system. Our company can design and build the appropriate space for installing the system, if this is necessary, as well as its installation and the training of the staff.