Sterilization Unit

ECOSTER SA facility at Larissa’s Industrial Zone

Stable Unit for Hospital Infectious Waste Treatment and Sterilization

ECOSTER SA, working on the challenge of infectious medical waste management in Greece, constructed and operates, in Larissa’s Industrial Zone, a pioneering modern facility for the treatment and sterilization of infectious waste.

The processing unit of our company was licensed by Administration of Thessaly region, which certifies the safe and legal operation of the unit, issued under the relevant legal framework for medical waste management (article 11, H.P. 37591/2031, no. of Governmental Press. FEK 1419/1.10.2003, “Measures and conditions for medical waste management by Health Units”). It also has the approval of environmental terms by Decentralized Administration of Thessaly and a license for disposing sterilized waste by Larissa’s Municipality.

In our company’s processing unit, we use the technical equipment and unrivalled know-how provided by the Canadian ΗΥDROCLAVE SYSTEMS CORP., which is a leader worldwide in constructing medical waste treatment units and operating infectious waste management facilities.

Operating under conditions of safety and reliability, we cover waste management needs of all areas, adjusting our services every time with flexibility to the facts and needs of each hospital, while we offer, with competitive rates, total services of high standards for collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste.

The facility has a cooler unit for storage of waste in case of equipment malfunctioning. The cooler unit covers the needs of the treatment facility for at least three days while it is equipped with a back up cooling system and a complex air filtering system.

Our company carries out the final disposal of sterilized waste at landfills. The facility has been constructed and organized in such way so that it is entirely automated.

Transport of Infectious and Toxic Waste

Our company owns licensed and certified by ADR and ATP cooler vehicles by which we collect the packaged waste in order to be transferred to the ECOSTER S.A. waste treatment facility for sterilization.

Our company’s interregional license for collection and transport of infectious and toxic waste is valid for all thirteen districts of Greece.

Final disposal of sterilized waste

Our company is also licensed to dispose the sterilized waste at the local landfill as well as to collect and transport non-hazardous waste, concerning the sterilized waste. Private vehicles carry out the transport of sterilized and packaged waste.

Hygiene and Safety Measures

  1. ECOSTER SA follows a specific regime of measures for the safety of its employees:
  2. Appropriate and systematic staff training.
  3. Operation and technology management regulations.
  4. Equipment supply to employees (gloves, masks, boots, special uniform).
  5. Vaccination for the high-risk employees.
  6. Medical supervision.
  7. Hygiene regulations observation.
  8. Protocol of operation.

Staff Training

The employees involved in waste management have been exceptionally trained for performing their work. For this reason, ECOSTER SA has designed a training programme for its employees including:

  • Seminars by Canadian special consultants and expert operators for safety and hygiene with very long experience.
  • Seminars by a co-operative safety consultant for safety, personal protection, fire extinguishing, etc.
  • Seminars by a co-operative occupational health doctor for personal protection, hygiene, safety and ways to manage accidents.